NXT Lego Robot

Move Until Touch

What is the behavior:

-Our behavior is "Move Until Touch". Move until Touch is a behavior that can be used for many different applications. For us we are showing the behavior in a very simple way, "move forward, stop when touched". We are doing this because we want to show you how simple/hard it really is to make these programs. This is only lego and we have a program that allow
s us to do this in a very simple way. So you have to be aware that other robots that are not lego can be a lot more complex.

How do you program the robot (NXT) to complete the behavior:

-By using the Lego Mind-storms program we were able to move different blocks in such formations that
they would create a program that would do what we want it to, in such a degree. Now the specific way
that my partner and I made our robot move until touch is by putting down a move block setting it to
unlimited and putting down a touch block (wait block) , then setting down another move block and setting
it to stop. After doing theses following steps and download the program you should get a program that looks like this. ------------------------------>

Heres an image of what your program will look like.

What is a real-world application for the behavior:

1.) A real world application for move until touch would be a Roomba vacume cleaner. As they roam around your floor they bump into walls and objects causing itself to turn around and keep on going.

2.) Another real world application that would take place in the future could be a robotic server that responds to human touch and when its touched it would stop and wait for the h'ors d'oeuvres to be taken off of its tray and then start moving again along its path around the tables serving other customers.

Video demonstration of the behavior: