What is the behavior?
The behavior move until near is accomplished by ultrasonic sensors that work in a similar way to a bat's echolocation. This behavior works by the robot having a sensor that both sends and receives sound waves at very high frequencies. When the sound wave is sent out the robot measures in milliseconds how long it takes for the robot to receive the noise back, telling the robot exactly how far away it is from its target. However to the naked eye and ear it appears to us as if the robot is doing nothing while this sensor is on. with the info it gets from the sensor it is able to know how for it is from anything and therefor be able to sense objects around the room.

How do you program the robot to complete the behavior?
The way you would program something like this would be have the program doing a specific action until the sensor was triggered. for instance if you wanted a robot to map out a rectangular room that you would have it go forward till it sensed a wall, then turn 90 degrees and repeat the action, and the robot would follow the outside of the room. the program for this would sound like this "move forward till sensed at 1 inch, move right wheel one rotation, loop process."

What is a real-world application for the behavior
many of these behaviors are prevalent in daily life, such as self parking cars, or self breaking cars if the driver may have fallen asleep. although these are small tasks they are used for bigger tasks as well such as guiding a mars rover, or measuring your heart rate from across the room and alert others if you are in danger.

Video demonstration of the behavior