What is the behavior
- The behavior is moving forward and turning

How do you program the behavior to complete the behavior

- you put multiple move blocks that make it go forward. You either set it to move forward for a certain time in seconds, or for a certain number of rotations or for unlimited (which means forever). Then if you want it to turn, you stop power to either engine and give power to the opposite engine, making it turn. To know how long you want it to go for, you have to change the duration using seconds, rotations and degrees. To make it turn right you stop power in motor C and put power to motor B and to make it turn left you do the opposite of what you did for it to turn right.

What is a real-world application for the behavior
- Its the basic behavior of the movement in robots. Moving forward is basic for a mobile robot to do while turning can be more complex such as turning of one engine and having the other go which in turn causes it to turn depending on which engine has power and which doesn't.

Video demonstration of the behavior